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Prijedor "House of Peace": Finnish Mission Succeeded
The construction of the House of Peace advances even the though Office for Environmental Planning stopped all construction work on May 20, allegedly because they did not possess a construction permit. This was the reason for the President of the “Faces” multicultural organization from Finland, Boerje Mattson, and the project manager Heikki Wala, to come to Kozarac again. The guests from Finland visited the Prijedor mayor, Nada Sevo, along with the nongovernmental organization Srcem do mira, Emsuda Mujagic, and informed her about the realization of this project. The mayor expressed full support for this project, for which the Finnish Foreign Ministry allocated around 100,000 Euros. Except for the reconstruction of the old school building in Kozarac’s Stari Grad, the house will have room for central heating, a conference hall, a library with a reading room, rooms to educate kids and youth, and to educate women. As Boerje Mattson said, the House of Peace will be finished in May of next year. To support the returns process and construct a multicultural organization, the Finish Foreign Ministry will allocate 2.5 million Euros throughout BiH for this and the following year. Besides this, 20 homes throughout BiH will be reconstructed, of which 14 will be in Kozarac, for twenty Bosnian refugees residing in Finland who expressed their wish to go back. (Pg 17/56) st