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The Advocacy Project

Srcem do Mira (Through Heart to Peace)
Srcem do Mira (Through Heart to Peace) is a women's advocacy organization composed of displaced people from Kozarac and Prijedor, in the northwestern part of Bosnia. The organization was formed in 1993 in Zagreb, as women from Bosnia found themselves exiled and in need of mutual support. Srcem do Mira advocates non-violent conflict resolution and reconciliation between ethnicities.
Since 1993 Srcem do Mira, led by Emsuda Mujagic, has provided many services to its own constituency, organizing vocational training courses in tailoring, upholstering, and hairdressing, and supporting a farming cooperative in a village of displaced people outside of Sanski Most. Annual conferences have been an opportunity for activists from all over Bosnia, as well as many other countries, to support Srcem do Mira and learn from their successes.
Through much persistence Srcem do Mira has succeeded in opening up Kozarac, until recently a devastated town, to return. Kozarac is now returning to normal, and displaced people are also going back to the surrounding villages, as well as to Prijedor. The work of Srcem do Mira continues, with hopes of establishing a "House of Peace" in Kozarac.